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This N' That Corner Store is located at: 33 N. 8th St. Cottage Grove, OR 97424 The store excepts a donations and resales them using the profits to fund programs that The Humane Society offers for the South Lane County Area, we also use the store to temporarily house cats who are in transition to local Shelters through out Oregon, or who are up for adoption looking for a forever home.


  1. Penny Vance here: Janetta, my email has changed along with the @##^& new computer the company sent: I can no longer access Incredimail. So my new address is: . The old cat i was picking up at the store is doing quite well. I hope his LOLady owner is doing as well in her new assisted living situation. I noticed the daylilly i brought up for you to sell was gone right away. Did you take it inside? How trashy that people have been strealing the geraniums right out of the planter in front. Bleah!!

    Anyway, pls send me the OHS contact name. Thanks very much.

    Penny Vance (Glide Gal)

  2. My little spayed Tortoise shell female named Twitch, went missing a couple days ago. We live behind the Cottage Grove Dollar Tree in the trailer park. Usually she never goes out of the yard, Ive looked all over for her. If you see her please contact me. Ive been crying nearly non stop since she went missing. She is about 3-4 years old and is very small.

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